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Fastening system for cement fiber panel

We offer two kinds of panels:

  • surface is painted according to the catalogue RAL
  • surface is made of natural stone chips of different fractions and colors.

Cement fiber panels consist of cement, reinforcing fibres and different mineral stuff. This material isn’t combustible, ecologically clean, is adapted for exploitation in hard climatic conditions. It doesn’t rust, decay and is proof against different kinds of atmospheric precipitates, sun, acids and salt. Cement fiber panels have high sound-proofing, extraordinary strength, can stand against mechanical damages. It’s not expensive.

For assemblage of cement fiber panels you can use vertical, horizontal-vertical facade system and facade system fixed into floor stabs panel Alt-facade 03. All the variants of wall plates are fixed to vertical guide beams with the help of a pull out rivet.

ALT-FACADE 03 mount system ALT-FACADE 03 Fiber cement plates fastening system System ALT-FACADE 03

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